How long will my new build last in terms of gaming

So below will be my configuration...I'm wondering how long will it last me playing games like Combat Arms, and League of legends and basically games like that...the computer will be mostly for LoL. But I'd like to play heavier games later (probably a year from now)
SPECS: The Monitor is picked out but AND is in the budget...I need to get the link at Tiger Direct though. (later) In your opinion is this a overkill for games that I'm playing or is it just right? Anything you'd changed, my budget is REALLY tight so the CPU has to stay...Wondering if the GPU is okay? Thanks.
Intel pentium G850
G.Skill 4GB (1x4GB)
HIS Radeon HD 6770 1GB
Western Digital Caviar Blue 250Gb
Cooler Master haf 912
Antec VP-450 450w
Samsung DVD burner
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  1. Hi! Welcome to the forums.

    Looks alright, may be able to cheapen things up if you provide links.
    -Grab a 2x2GB set. This will allow the RAM to run in the much faster Dual Channel mode.
    -Depending on that HDD price, you may be able to step up to the 500GB without a change in price.

    That's really it! You did quite well.
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