Upgraded from GTS 250 to 6870 in nadda

Playing SWTOR and I just upgraded from a GTS 250 to a Sapphire HD 6870 card. My fps actually went down. Just wondering if I'm missing something. Could I be bottlenecking? Im running a Phenom II Quad 2.3 with 4gb ram. For the driver I just downloaded the catalyst stuff from AMD website and also did it from disk. The 6870 is about 3 tiers of a upgrade so was expecting a decent difference but its worse. This is also my first Radeon. Any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. Well, 2.3Ghz is pretty slow. That is a HUGE bottleneck. What CPU is that? Are you sure it is not a Phenom I?
  2. If your resolution is something like 1280x1024 you won't see any fps increase.
  3. Actually it is a Phenom 1. Its the AMD Phenom X4 9600B. With the GTS 250 I was getting 30ish and with the 6870 I'm getting 20's. Guess its just time to do the motherboard and processor.
  4. Yeah, you could also try to overclock. Might work a bit.
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