Intel i5 2500k vs i7 3770

Greetings people.
Well, I want to build a new PC and maybe I will post a thread in which I will ask for general advice. Probably later.

For now I want your opinion about these two CPUs.
While the answer might be quite obvious, maybe things are not so simple.
I am from Greece basically, and here there is about 100 euros price difference between these two. The i5 costs 200 and the i7 costs 300.
So, for a PC that will be let's say 75% for gaming and 25% for other activities (like high-end programmes etc) is the 3770 worth its 100 euro difference compared to 2500K ?
Also is it safe to overclock at 4.5 GHz the i5 2500K, to be better or equal to i7 3770? I have a water cooling system also, Corsair H50.
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  1. Hello asteris_;

    It's probably not worth the extra 100 Euros to you.

    Corsair H50 is not great as coolers go. But you can expect the i5-2500K to be able to do 4.3Ghz~4.5Ghz.
  2. Most likely it is not worth it unless the programs you use can take advantage of Hyper Threading. And then only if HT provides at least a 25% improvement in performance.
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