PSU help for i5-2550k w/ oc and GTX 670


I've basically finalized the components for my 'dream' pc below, but I'm having trouble with choosing the PSU wattage, and I am deferring to the knowledge of the TH power users.

Case --> Antec Eleven hundred
Processor --> 2550k
Mobo --> Asus p8Z68-V pro or ASrock z77 extreme6
Never used ASRock before so I'm partial to the Asus boards, but z77 is newer as I understand it. Price difference is negligible.

Video Card --> Zotac/EVGA GTX-670 ($100 cheaper than the 680 and only about 15% less efficient according to TH if I read the comparison correctly)

Memory --> 4Gb Corsair Vengeance low-profile (to work with the cooler)

Cooler --> Noctua NH-D14

Asus Blu-ray drive

HDD --> Seagate Barracuda 500

SSD --> Crucial m4 128Gb

I will be overclocking and I am looking to add sli down the line, just because.

Based on a variety of PSU calculators, I've seen everything from 500W to 1200W recommended. Based on the TH power supply guide, I take what I figure I need and multiply it by 1.5x, which has given me results as high as 1500W!!!
Based on the broad average, it looks like 650 has been recommended. So giving myself a little extra headroom, I'm thinking the seasonic 860W 80+ Platinum. But they also have a 1000w one for $50 more.

Will 860W be sufficient for my needs at max or do I need 1000W? Or is this overkill? 860W has 852W at 71A on the 12V rail and the 1000W has 996W at 83A on the 12V rail.

Just a note: I'm married to Seasonic, as I've never had one of their PSUs fry my computer, and it has happened with other PSUs, so please if you can, no recommendations for other manufacturers. I'm just looking for Wattage reccomendations.

Note 2: If it matters, I’ll also be adding 2 120mm Noctua front fans to suck air into the case along with the 120mm and 200mm exhaust fans that come with the case.

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Sorry to steal your thread, but I'm thinking of getting the Crucial M4 128Gb SSD and want to know how it performs, and has it given you any problems as of yet? Like with the firmware or anything? Thankyou.
  2. i have the crucial m4 64GB, runs great

    PSU recommendations; 700w+ unit with 54a+ on the 12v rail will give you plenty of headroom. you won't break 500w gaming with that set up in SLI. corsair, seasonic, xfx, pc power and cooling all have good units based on a seasonic platform.
  3. Seasonic X-760

    even if you sli gtx670 this will still be more than enough power for future proofing
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