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Hi all, this is my first post and I'm trying to do some info gathering for a build. I have been searching and reading the forums, however, I lack the expertise of the current technology and future trends and wondering if you guys can help. I haven't built a computer in years and for the past several years I've just had Dell Laptops. I no longer have any use for laptops that's why I want to build a new PC.

Approximate Purchase Date: March-April (should I wait for Ivy Bridge?)

Budget Range: $700-800 (if possbile) after rebates for the parts (OS and monitor not included in this budget), trying to get the most bang for my buck

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Home Video Editing (mostly GoPro Hero HD videos), school work, surfing the web with multiple tabs, possibly gaming

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, mouse, speakers, 2 Portable HD (500 GB and 1 TB)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Amazon and Tigerdirect (no sales tax), willing to use other sites if cheaper overall

Country: USA, California

Parts Preferences: Intel

Overclocking: If necessary

SLI or Crossfire: If necessary

Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080 on a Saumsung Syncmaster P2370 HD (23in), currently dual monitor with Laptop screen. I’ll need to pick up a second monitor once I retire my laptop.

What OS and 2nd monitor would you recommend?

Additional Comments: I was originally looking at MacBooks but I feel like I can build a PC that will give me more flexibility and power and a lower price point. The primary purpose of the computer is to have the ability to edit my home videos to share with family and friends either on Facebook, youtube, DVD, or possibly in HD. Most videos are shot on a GoPro Hero HD in 720p @ 60fps. My laptop is a dinosaur, Dell Inspiron 1525 and obviously can’t handle the movies. I plan on using Windows Live Movie Maker (never tried anything else) to edit the videos since I don’t really need anything too fancy.

I haven’t built a desktop computer in years so I’ve been trying to catch up on the lingo. I’m trying to get the most bang for the buck, therefore I’m not sure if I should wait for the Ivy Bridge chips to be released since I’ve read that they’ll most like enter around a similar price point as the current Sandy Bridge CPUs. I’ve been looking at builds (mostly gaming cause I haven't found too many Home Editing builds around my Budget) that use an I5-2500K CPU because from what I read they are solid chips for people on a budget.
Budget Gaming PC
Mid-Range Budget Gaming PC
Another Home Video Editing Build

Also, will a graphics card be necessary? I’ve read in some posts that it may not be necessary for my build since the CPUs have onboard graphics cards and can handle video editing with the use of Intel Quicksync. However, a graphics card will probably be purchased in the future if I want to get back into computer gaming. Also, if I do this how much power would you guys recommend I need. I've read 550-600W would generally be enough.

Since I have 2 portable HD (500GB and 1TB), will a large on-board HD be necessary? Will having most of the files on externals effect the performance. I believe both of them at USB 2.0.

Ideally, I want something that will be somewhat future proof, that’s why I’m willing to wait for the Ivy Bridge CPUs if necessary. I realize that could result in an increase in price, but I’m willing to save and throw in extra cash if necessary.

I apologize that this long and thank you in advance for your help and expertise.

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  1. I been editing videos for pest 10 years, and i can say first those who push fancy 1000's of $ stuff is jokers,
    All you need is comfortable PC to work, just fast naught,
    the (look this CPU can do this in 5 minutes instead of 10) all bogus, most at home editors don't need real time speed, if you can edit it with no crushes, you can leave pc to render it overnight or as long as it takes,
    stability is more important then speed,

    I do my work on
    AMD x6 CPU
    16gig ram
    windows 7 (lite) 64 running Adobe Premier,
    AMD 6850 GPU (thou any modern will do, so far GPU acceleration is bad news or non working)
    1TB drive
    I copy from my storage server about 3-5 tapes 15gig each and edit local, then just leave to render, 24 hours or 3 days
    thou i give up on GPU render, and use pure CPU, i wait until they perfect it, now days it's more head ache then it worth
  2. There would be pros and cons to both an AMD and Intel build at this price point, but I think the i5 2500K will give you the advantage across multiple programs where some will be multi-threaded and some not.
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