I'm having a pc built but I'm torn between what processor to buy. I am on a budget so I can't buy anything too outrageous. At the moment I am torn between the i5 3450 ivy bridge, i5 2400 with sandy bridge and the AMD FX4100 (The AMD is workable but I really prefer intel) I've read all over the place how the ivy bridge can get hot easily and it just might not function as well as a sandy bridge. There's only a ten dollar difference between the purchase of these two but I'm concerned that this 10 dollar difference could be between something that will be great for my gaming needs (which aren't too demanding like Civvy, Fall out, mass effect, half life etc). I've examined specs and I'm not entirely sure how much overcloaking I would want to do. I am big on multiasking, whether having skype on, itunes, a game, a browser who knows what.

Thanks for the advice.
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    You can't really OC very much on a non-K CPU anyway, so the the 3450 is the best choice here.
  2. yeah I'm not really concerned if I can OC or not. I don't think I really do enough that its necessary. But if the world ended in a few months and half life 3 was released I'd like to know I could play it without many hiccups with a decent gfx card and a good processor. From the many graphs on this website that I have seen, intel seems the way to go until amd gets their act together. I'm looking at getting good minimum frame rates anyways compared to the fx 4100 if I go with intel. I suppose my questions rather like "Whats the best out of the two best, the one thats overclockable or the one that isn't.

    3450 it seems to be then :P
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