Help with 570 temperatures, please

So I have a 570 with the Thermalright Shaman. It's quite awesome; on Arhkam City it stays below 50C.
The GPU, at least.

On my 5850 I could read my VRM temps on GPU-Z, but now I can't. I can't find a single application that will read my VRM temps, and it would definitely be dangerous to overclock without knowledge of my VRM's.
I've tried NVidia System Monitor, HWmonitor, GPU-Z, the whole lot.


Is there anything that could read my VRM temps?

or better,
Could I possibly proceed overclocking without knowing what they are?
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  1. Proceed overclocking ;)
  2. I have an idea.
    If I used an infrared thermometer gun and pointed it at the VRM's (I've done plenty of work with video cards so I know where they are), would that be similar to a reading on GPU-Z?

    Also I'd like to add that I was content overclocking my 5850 since the GPU temp was so low, but once I read the VRM temps I was scared out of it.
  3. I like how that ATI uses fully digital power vrm all the way through except for the caps and chokes. The problem with nvidia is that they often use very cheap low quality parts. The GTX570 is terrible when it comes to quality of the power vrm. The coils often get rather hot like any other card out there however the mosfets are known to fail even at stock volts and clocks resulting in a dead brick. Some are random while others failed during overclocking. You might look into replacing the poor quality stock thermal pads for something much better. You want pressure and no gap between the cooler and the power vrm mosfets. The more pressure the better as it makes for great contact and improves heat transfer a lot like pressing down on a piece of meat while cooking.
  4. Quote:
    It is odd they did not keep the vrm design from the GTX 480, as they can handle voltage all day long with ease.

    I'll try to remind the forums here lol, it is basically a repeat of what happened in the old G200a/b days. The old 65nm gtx 260 and gtx 280 had a high quality and fully digital power vrm that can handle 240w out of the box without mods but after the 55nm models came out that all changed. The cheaper analog designs couldn't handle the loads as well despite a cooler running core with lower power consumption.
  5. Indeed it is based plus they wasted good low amp low watt samples that could have easily made overclocking monsters. Some of these samples could have gone over 1ghz on a stock retail gtx 580 board. The card is built cheap and was a risky gamble. So is the rest of the dual gpu Fermi era cards. GF110 is known to power surge easily drawing over the rated current for what the power vrm can supply. The GTX590 can easily crack 550W even when OCP and OVP are enabled even on stock volts. That is why they burn.
  6. Quote:
    :lol: No wonder i see better performance than a 580 with my 480.
    And yes my card is tamed at 850 core. 65c maximum load ;)

    I thought the 480's ran crazily hot :o

  7. GTX 480 is better built than the stuff that people are often fapping to now days. Then again Nvidia lost a lot of money on that generation.
  8. amuffin said:

    My god that is genius. I laughed for like, ten minutes.
  9. Enthusiast said:
    My god that is genius. I laughed for like, ten minutes.

    Considering how old that picture is, that's quite sad.
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