Eh, I really need help finding a good PSU fast!

That was my original plan, but I do not want to risk all my shtuffs. So I need you guys to recommend the best PSU I can get for my buck that's reliable!

As of now, I have a Sabertooth Z77, i5 3570k, and a GTX 285. Only 4gbs of ram :( but will be buying another 4 soon.

I need at least 700 I know that, unless you guys say otherwise. :pfff:
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  1. You don't need 700w. A good 550w is plenty. That psu you linked is complete garbage.

    This is the best deal going AR

    Another good deal AR
  2. Unless you are going to upgrade to high end SLi configuration, you will not need a 700W+ PSU... Well, unles you also want to install 8 mechanical drives and an addition raid card with 4x or more HDDs. ^_^"
    A 550W supply is definitely enough for your current configuration. However, if you are planning to go for 7870 CF, GTX670 SLi or above, you might want to consider something more exotic.
    If you want a cheap $50 after mail in rebate (US), reliable and non modular (with the power connectors permanently attached) PSU:

    If you want a slightly more expensive $65 after mail in rebate (US), reliable and modular (with the ability to remove the unused power connectors, e.g. floppy... Really? Why do they still have these...) PSU.

    Please notice, the default configuration and intend of both of these PSU are not designed for SLi or CF config. You might be able to get away using the molex to PCI-E 6 pin connector but I still would not suggest doing so.

    Have Fun upgrading your PC~ ^_^
  3. The Corsair Builder series is not something I suggest for a high end system, and it only has a 3yr warranty.

    I'd pay a little more for something Bronze rated with a 5yr warranty.
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