Upgrading from 9800gt

Hello, I'm currently planning on updating my gpu from 9800gt, and i would need some advices on the topic. I do not want another nvidia card, i had some issues with the card and the customer support too. So what ati card would you advice?

My current specs:

video card: Gainward GeForce 9800 GT
monitor: 22" LG W2243T
motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 v1.0
ram: Kingmax KLDE88F-B8KU5 (DDR2 800MHz)
cpu:QuadCore AMD Phenom X4 9750, 2300 MHz (12 x 192)

I was looking into hd6850, the price of that is optimal for me, I could probably afford a card that is a bit more expensive.

Thanks for your answers in advance! I apologize you for my english.
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  1. Oh and i forgot to mention, the monitor's native resoluton is 1920x1080.
    Also the monitor can only be connected through vga, is it ok to use a dvi to vga adapter?
  2. Are you gaming with this system? If not a 6850 will be fine maybe even a 6770. The adapter will work but the PNP drivers wont setup you will have to manually do that.

    If your planning to play current games you might need to up the CPU if possible, a Phenom X4 955 matched with a 6770,6850 or even a 6870 will run anything out.
  3. Yes I am gaming, but I don't feel the need to play everything maxed, a steady fps on medium-highish would be realistic with my current cpu and a 6850 in a game e.g. Skyrim or BF3? also the games of the next few years?

    Also my monitor was recognized as a general non-pnp monitor using a simple vga cable, and i've tried another cable too. The driver came with 2 versions, analog and digital (I clearly installed the analog version because of the vga cable). When using a dvi-vga adapter, do i have to install the digital driver? If not, why this monitor has drivers for digital if it doesn't have a DVI input?

    I'm sorry for asking this much, but I had many problems before because i was missing important information.
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