Graphics Card?

Hello, Im putting a build together and I wanted to ask what graphics card should I pick?

I really like the KFA2 GeForce GTX 570 MDT X4 [ [...] ntent=Q200 ]

Before I found this card I was just looking at the GTX 560 or ATI 6870...


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  1. I'd still go for a 560Ti, they seem to be a lot more popular than the 570s
  2. that depends on how much money u want to spend , u can look @ a 590GTX and like it too , but it's twice the price of a 570 :P :P :P
  3. The thing is that the kfa2 570 does really good in playing games at max resolution and I think its stronger than the 560ti... also its a 480 CUDA core version, but i just wanted some proffesional advice as even though I have some knowledge from reading tuns of reviews this will be my first build :)

    And thanks for the replies so far guys :D
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