How do you put thermal compound on an i5 3570k (noob question) :P

I bought my gaming pc from a site called cyberpower. The pc itself is great but my idle temps jump up to 40-45. Under load @4.2 I reached 75 within 30 mins of prime 95, I have a hyper 212 evo cooling fan + my a/c running so my room is definitely cool. I went out and bought some arcticlean and Arctic silver 5 thermal compound, to achieve better temps. After watching many videos on how to apply it I'm still kind of nervous to do it :p someone told me since I have a quad core i should make a line with the paste and spread it with a credit card, a few others told me to put a pea sized spot right in the middle then put my evo on top of it, and screw it in diagonally. So which method should I use? line/spread or put a pea sized dot in the middle, and put my cpu cooler on top of it?

Thanks for the help!

other pc specs:

p98 z77 v pro
150gb vertex 4 ssd
Evga sc+ gtx 680
8gb ddr 3 ram
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  1. Check this article out. They test a couple different methods of thermal compound application on exposed heat pipe type coolers.
  2. WR2 said:
    Check this article out. They test a couple different methods of thermal compound application on exposed heat pipe type coolers.

    Small dot it is then! ill post my results later
  3. I normally put a small dot. I've tried two dots and a line found that there was either leakage around the edges or the CPU wasn't completely covered. As long as you have some thermal compound on it, you'll be fine. Don't worry about baking your CPU. If you can get the entire surface covered without leakage, this will give you maximum effectiveness, as shown in the link WR2 posted.
  4. just finished applying the paste, temps seem a little bit better but core 1 is roaming around 37-38 :/ all the other cores are 30-35
  5. That's not unusual.
    Is the temp tracking at all with the CPU utilization you see in task manager?

    With AS5 you could see another 2 or 3 degree improvement in the next few weeks.
  6. What's your local ambient (room) temp right now?
  7. xGAM3Rxx said:
    all the other cores are 30-35
    If you were at 40-45C @ idle, that's actually quite a large improvement, wouldn't you say?
  8. Arctic silver 5 takes up to 200 HRS to burn in!
  9. AS5 is a nice TIM but its older and since its reign, a lot of newer better TIMs have come out. I currently am using Zalmans STG2 which is rated pretty high and only because getting my hands on IC Diamond 24 is not easy here (thats the best I have ever used and as well has no cure time).

    As for the temps, they are actually fine. Even the older Core i5/i7s idle between 30-40c and under extreme load can hit about 70-75c, my 2500K @ 4.5GHz hits 70-75c under IBT with a Zalman CNPS9900Max but under gaming or normal useage load I never go above 55c. Well except for now maybe since my AC is broken and its been around 93f in the house. Being in AZ with no AC is not fun I can tell you that much.

    Overall your temps are fine. 35-40c is fine for idle and as long as gaming/normal useage does not get to 70c+ you will be fine. As for the application, Arctic Coolings website has a guide for every class of CPU so I would always consult with them.

    Also I am suprised to see a Cyberpower with a Asus mobb. I have had many in the shop with a dead MSI mobo (or a dead water cooling pump) but never any with a Asus mobo.
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