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Why is the XFX Radeon HD 5570 cheaper than the Powercolor Radeon HD 5570?

I would like to get away from my radeon hd 4200 integrated card in my hp pavilion p6823w so ive been looking at the 5570 because ive been looking for a card that would run alright on a 250watt psu. Ive been doing some research and i found that this card should do fine on 250watt psu's.

So ive knocked down my choices to these two,

the XFX Radeon HD 5570 ($34.99)

the Powercolor Radeon HD 5570 ($54.99)

Why is the XFX version cheaper than the Powercolor one? Only difference i see is the brand.

Which one should i go with? should i spend the extra $20 for the powercolor?
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    The XFX one has a -25$ rebate. Otherwise its 59.99$
  2. Oh, i didnt see that haha. Well i think ill just go with the powercolor then. I dont plan on doing that rebate thing...
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