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Hi, recently my PSU blew up. It was an Agiler 600W PSU. Most of you may have not heard about this one. Anyway, I'm having my eyes on 2 power supplies now. One is the Amacrox 550w and the other one is a Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500W. What should I buy? Give me the reasons also. Thanks.

My Specs are:
Intel i3 2100 @ stock speed
Foxconn H67M
Zotac GTX 460 768MB @ stock speed
750GB Western Digital Blue HDD
4GB DDR3 RAM 1333MHz
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  1. Neither to be honest. Go with a more trusted name such as Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, or XFX. To a lesser extent, Rosewill makes good power supplies too. Look for one that is 80plus certified (the only exception to this being the Antec VP-450).
  2. The ps I know well are made by antec, corsair, or ocz. I don't recognize agiler, but maybe it's made by ocz or seasonic. They make alot of other brands.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. But the thing is, all those brands are over budget for me. However the Amacrox 550W-S is a 80+ certified PSU. It has 2 6pin PCI-E power cables too which are necessary for the GPU I'm using. Also I ran several power consumption calculators and found out that the need of my system is about 330Watts and considering the efficiency of a PSU, I guess something that could output at least 500W is well enough for me.
  4. I wouldn't use any of those psu's. That's what happens when you buy cheap crap, it blows up, and usually it takes your components with it.

    If it's over budget, imagine how over budget it is when you have to buy all new parts cause your budget psu blew up.

    If it's not at LEAST 80+ certified and doesn't have at least a 3-5yr warranty, don't buy it.
  5. I would point you to Enermax or ThermalTake for power supplies. I would also suggest you go with at least a 600 Watt. Yes I understand that you only need 330 Watts but as your power supply ages it looses its ability to pump out juice. The harder the powersupply has to work the shorter its life which usually means BOOM.
  6. a 400w psu is more than enough for that system. I run a 380w and I have more ram and a more power hungry video card than you. Remember the i3 uses only about 30w under load and the H61/H67 is a low power platform.

    Enermax is marginal at best and Thermaltake is the same or worse. I recomend Antec, XFX, Seasonic, Corsair or OCZ(ZT).
  7. Research, research and more research. Do it and chances are you won't a bad PSU.
  8. What happens if I use a Power Supply which has dual railings, 18A on each, 1 PCIe 6 pin adapter, and use a molex(2) to PCIe adapter coz this GPU needs 2 of those?
  9. You may use a ps with dual 12v rails. Just stick to a name brand or find out who makes Agiler.
  10. I bought a Cooler Master RS 500 today since the other one is not to be sold anymore and since its within my budget. Here where I live Cooler Master is pretty popular and they gave me 2 years of warranty. Only prob is it doesn't have 2 PCIe 6 pin cables. Only 1. And what I thought was to get a molex>6pin PCIe converter to power the GPU. Is it safe to do this? I hope dual railings add up to output a total of 36A. If I get 2 molex cables>PCIe 6 pin adapter, would it utilize the 12v power source or from the 5v power source?
  11. Should have gone with the Amacrox
  12. it seems that they dont sell it anymore coz of its unpopularity
  13. New problem guys. When I use the 2nd DVI output, the monitor displays thin red lines here and there. This was the output I've been using ever since I bought it. But the 1st output is working perfectly. Guess the my GPU is reaching its final stages huh?
  14. save up a little more money and go with a reliable brand, even the ''big'' brands have PSU's around 500watts and are not that expencive.
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