Will Hyper 212 evo fit in CM elite 430

Will a Coolermaster Hyper 212 evo fit in a Coolermaster Elite 430?

motherboard is a ASUS m4n98td-evo and the ram is just Kingston valueram
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  1. Looking at the reviews on Newegg, it should. Most I've read say that a 212+ fits and it's only a half mm shorter. It'll be tight though.
  2. Yes but it will be tight.
  3. The Elite 430 has width of 163mm while the Hyper 212 plus have width of 158.5mm, so you should be fine.
  4. Plus 1 ^
  5. Same situation here. But my question is a little different.

    I am worried about the upper 2 exhaust fans CM (120 mm) and the RAM (2x4 GB Cosair Vengence). I am thinking that Hyper will touch my exhaust fans.

    Please correct if i am wrong......


    Asus HD 7970
    Intel i5 2500k - Stock HSF
    Asus P8Z68 V LE
    Cosair SSD 120 GB + 1TB WD
    2x4 GB Cosair Vengence RAM
    Elite 430 black
    2 intake fans (CM extra flow 120 mm) - Front and at the side
    3 exhaust (CM 120 mm) - 2 Up and 1 at the back
    Rockman Deepcool Fan controller
    Cosair TX 750 PSU
  6. i fitted the same configuration as you last night and it was a little tricky. In fact very! Had to take one exhaust fan off and put at the back and install heatsink vertically with only one fan near the back. If using a second one, youd have to take out the other exhaust fan and move your ram about. So now mine draws in at the back and then in through heatsink fan and then out through second fan! Its the only way but this is better than going for the hyper 212 plus as this is the latest tech from Coolermaster. Good luck
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