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Hi, I just built my pc and I got the ivy bridge i5 3570k with the gigabyte z77x-ud5h mobo. I am using corsair H60 as my cooling. When in bios, I idle around 34-37c, jumps around. When i check my cores temp, core 1 is always higher then the rest of my cores. for example c1: 50c, c2: 38, c3: 30, c4: 40. Is this normal? i hear some people core 1 is always the lowest, but for me is the highest. I don't know much about intel. so if anyone know let me know, thanks
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  1. It is unusual for core 1 to be that much higher.
    Are you looking at Task Manager Performance to see if core 1 is busier than the other cores?
  2. Try booting up in Safe Mode and see what temps you're getting there.
    Safe Mode will limit background programs and some processes from running.
  3. I don't know what you mean, but I am looking at my temps in my bios. for gigabyte mobo under M.I.T current status. it shows all my 4 cores temp. the first core is always the highest. it is usually around 47-50c
  4. Is your cooler on some type of quiet profile?
  5. My cooler is running at max. I set my fan to max. I haven't touch much in the bios. I don't think is in quiet mode.
  6. Not if fan and pump at set to Max.
  7. What speed is your 3570K running at?
  8. do you mean my freq? is at stock. my corsair h60 fans are running at 1800rpm
  9. Depending on power management options and processor load, the scheduler may end up dumping most of the load on a single core to keep the other three in deep-sleep. This would naturally lead to whichever core inherits the workload having higher temperature than any other.

    Checking core activity in task manager as WR2 suggested would quickly make it obvious whether or not this is what you are seeing.
  10. Hi guys,

    Just bought a new machine. I have my i5 3570k currently running @4.64 with a core temp of 1.32V. I have the H60 cooling system and using prime95 it's registering a max temp of 80°C.

    Is this a stable overclock or should I lower the clock and voltage to lower the temperature?

    Also and not sure if this is related, my memory is 1600 but it's currently running at 1333. How do I change it back to it's original, is my overclock affecting the RAM in some way?

    Oh, and this is the core speed config (100.9 x 46 multiplier)


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