Disabled individual with fixed income looking to build budget gaming

A little explanation first off. I am disabled, as such I only receive so much money per month. I currently am trying to save 50 a month to put towards buying pieces for a new computer. I currently have picked up a new tower, and power supply, and have a 250gb HD I can use. Howerver my current CPU is a P4 3g HT, and my board is for AGP since my graphics card is AGP 8x 3850 Sapphire ATI. Obviously in order to run most current stuff at at least mid, I need to upgrade. Currently I have about 300 in savings I can use, and I would like to start picking stuff up, or at least looking at what needs to be done. I know how to put the parts in, but I no longer know enough about current hardware to know what to look for.

Approximate Purchase Date: Now and continuing

Budget Range: Currently 300 after rebates, plus 50 each month following.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Better gaming is the main focus

Parts Not Required: Centurion 5 PC Case, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, HP 21inch HD monitor, TOP ATX-TP650-PM 650W PSU

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Only ones ive ever used are newegg and tigerdirect

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: No real preferences, besides reliable brands.

Overclocking: Im not really comfortable with it though if someone were to assure me of its reliabilty with the part I be up for it.

SLI or Crossfire: Probably not?

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Again mainly this is for a gaming PC where I can run stuff like SWTOR, Witcher 2, Fallout NV, things of that nature, at the very least in medium, preferably in high, though not very high, if that makes sense. I want the CPU to especially have some legs so I can upgrade in the future (Since right now my CPU is bottlenecking everything on my current PC), though obviously not to expensive since money is an issue. I will be buying parts piece by piece, especially as I search for deals, rebates, etc. Hopefully you guys can give me some advice, help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!
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    Even though you already have a PSU I'd really recommend upgrading it. A cheapo PSU like that can have disastrous consequences on a modern rig and that's one area where I think it's the most important aspect of the system.

    Try this for a setup:

    PSU: - Corsair CX600 - $69.99 ($10.00 MIR)
    Motherboard: - Intel BOXDH67BG - $89.99
    CPU: - Intel Core i3-2100 - $124.99
    RAM: - Kingston Hyper X Blue 4GB (2 x 2GB) - $25.00
    Optical: - Samsung 22X DVD Burner - $15.99

    Total: $325.96

    If you can reuse your HD and/or optical drive definitely do so especially with the HD prices the way they are right now. Use the onboard video until you're able to afford a GPU then get something like the Geforce 560TI when it drops in price or get something like a Radeon 6850 or 6790 if they're still available.
  2. For another $3 I'd swap to this CPU: - Intel Core i3-2120 - $127.99

    The price difference is so small that it more than justifies the higher clock speed over the 2100.
  3. Thanks guys, the PSU I actually just recently picked up for 50ish (My last PSU borked, was 4 year old Antec Earthwatts 500w) , at a local shop, the guys there have been helpful so far and haven't steered me wrong so im surprised they would do so on the PSU. I told them what I had planned, and they said it will be fine, didn't even try and sell me the more expensive name brand one, since they felt this one did just as good (Only reason im not going with them is I feel I can buy the parts alone cheaper, but the PSU was a I need it now or I cannot use my computer, and its kind of essential that I have access to it). So while I appreciate the concern, I guess I just am gonna have to deal with it, cause I cannot justify buying a new CPU after just buying this one.
  4. If you can wait it out a few more weeks, you will see GPU price drops, with new cards coming out.
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