Old Dell Dimension 4700c this is my second post. I'm aiming for twice as ignorant as my first :D

I have an old Dell Dimension 4700c that is just laying around. Wanted to turn it into a server. But I want to stick it in a different case and use an old 400w PSU that I have laying around too.(hoping they are fully work can't check). But I remember peeking at the guts of the Dell and thinking that the board is not standard mATX or ATX in that the holes are not the same. In fact, IIRC, it sort of latches into the case. Anyone have any expertise in this or stuck one of these in a different case?

I just figured it's a better start than the old MSI MB I have that needs 184pin ram and IDE compentents and AGP video card....but maybe not :??:
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    Yes you're correct - most Dells use a lot of proprietary components and wont work with most ATX or mATX boards - and if you take the board out of the case and put it in a new case you'll be left without the I/O shield - something else they lack. I'm sure if you get creative enough you can manipulate the case to suit your new board or put the existing board in another case. But that might go beyond my expertise. :lol:
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