PSU + Video Card = No machine power?

I've been running an AGP video card for a few years, and am upgrading to a Radeon HD 6770 pcie. I'm on a Corsair HX520W PSU, so I should be able to handle the load. But once I connect the PCIE cable between the card and the psu, my system won't power up - no lights, no fans, no anything.

One item of note: my motherboard is a bit older and has a pcie 1.0 x16 slot (would the card's pcie 2.1 cause an incompatibility with my old pcie 1.0?). Any thoughts?
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  1. Let me add a few more details:
    - The machine works fine if I swap back in my old AGP card - tells me it's not a bad PSU
    - It's happened on multiple attempts to install the new Radeon
    - It's plugged in : )

    Could be something with connecting the Corsair PCIE cable either into the video card or the psu? I've never hooked up a pcie card before and may be missing something basic.
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