Will Gelid GX-7 cooler intefere with the RAM on MSI z77 gd55 board

Hey guys,
I am wondering if the Gelid GX-7 cpu cooler will fit nicely on the MSI z77a gd55 board without blocking any RAM slots.

thanks in advance
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  1. Hello ricardochen8;

    Unless you're using RAM with extra tall heatsinks there shouldn't be any problem.
  2. ill be using Corair Vengeance.... hope it isnt too tall
  3. this one
  4. I saw one Gelid GX-7 review where the test system has the RAM installed with slot 1 empty but as I recall it wasn't a Z77 board. You could take that to mean there might be an issue.
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    Here is a review with a socket 1155/1156 motherboard:

    Heatsink mounted without the fan.

    In worse case scenario - you can always flip the fan around and install it on the back side of the heatsink. *(dual fan setup possible if there is enough clearance, but works fine with a single fan)

  6. i just received my gelid gx-7 and after installing it. it fits perfectly, there is about 2mm between fan and ram
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