Hyper EVEO 212 Fan STOPPED SPINNING loud beep/hum sound

So I finished my new build tonight, all seemed to be working perfectly until a few minutes ago.

I was doing prime95 tests all night with good temps, no problems. All of the sudden I hear a kind of shrill buzzing coming from my case, like the mobo speaker only not coming from there, coming from my CPU aread. It's just this constant tone.

No warnings come up on my computer, I freaked out and shut it down.

Started it up again, everything was going good, then suddenly the tone happens again. I was not running prime95, the PC was just idling thankfully, but I had RealTemp open when it happened. I quickly looked at the temps, all were very low and fine at idle.

So I shined my flashlight into the top of the case and my CPU FAN WAS NOT SPINNING.

I immediately shut it down via the front button.

I definately have the CPU fan connected correctly because as I said, it was running smoothly for a few hours. Now I get this deathly sound. I really hope it isn't a faulty motherboard, someone said that shrill sound may have been the bearings in the fan....
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  1. Yeah, sounds like a malfunctioning fan/bearings. Time to get a replacement.
  2. I tried spinning the fan blades with my fingers once the PC was off and it went very smoothly with no problems or sounds.

    Any chance it could be a bad mobo connection for the cpu fan?
  3. It's possible, but unlikely. Testing another fan on the pins would tell you for sure.
  4. Can I safely switch my CPU fan with one of my system fans? In other words, can I plug my EVO fan into a SYS header and put let's say, the side fan plug into the CPU header safely? I only ask because I have no spare fans to test this and I do not want the CPU heatsink to be without a fan for more than a few seconds.

    Also, if it is the board, is it possible to simply take it to a computer repair shop? I do not want to have to rebuild this thing...I'd go crazy.
  5. Yes you can do that (try another fan on the CPU fan header and try the heatsink fan on a case fan header). The heatsink fan wouldn't be controlled by CPU temp then, but it at least gives you an idea of what's wrong.

    Also, kinda beside the point, but something I just want to point out, the Evo is good enough on its own, without a fan, that you can even run it fanless in a non-OC'ing situation.
  6. Yeah I actually noticed this. When I first heard the shrill beep I thought "CPU is in trouble"

    When I saw the fan was not spinning I was surprised that temps were not climbing...at all. And the fan had been stopped for about 30 seconds.

    Still, I kind of just want this thing to work already. I've done everything else smoothly and it took me quite a bit of effort and I simply do not have the energy to rebuild the entire system (if I need the mobo replaced, that is).

    If it is the mobo, I'm just going to have it rebuilt by my local repair shop and be done with the headache. Hopefully a build isn't more than $150 if I supply the parts.
  7. UPDATE- Hey guys, I tried it again and the fan actually runs just fine...until I get to my Windows desktop.

    Seems something from Gigabyte's drivers disc is stopping the fan, and the motherboard is alerting me. I watched it happen myself. On BIOS and Windows start screen it's fine.
  8. Well, solved it- not a hardware problem at all. It was the BIOS, was running f5. Just flashed to f9 and running stable for about 15 minutes now.
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