Is AMD FX-4100 better than Intel Core i3 540?

As the thread indicates, I just want to know whether the AMD FX-4100(Bulldozer) processor is better than the Intel Core i3 540(Clarkdale) processor. Also, will this FX-4100 processor perform better than the AMD A8 3850?
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  1. fx 4100 is better.
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    like the guy above me said the FX 4100 will outperform the Intel Core i3 540.The third one however isnt just a processor.Its an APU.That means its got a graphics card in it.The FX 4100 will outperform it, but if youve got no discrete graphics card the A8 3850 might be the better option.
  3. Perform better at what??

    i3-540 is obsolete socket, why are you comparing that to new cpu's?

    You should be comparing i3-2100 to FX4100. In gaming it's no contest, the i3 flat out destroys the 4100/6100. In fact the Pentium G destroys the 4100/6100.
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