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Will AMD ever be able to outperform Intel not by prices but by performance?
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  1. Maybe in a few select benchmarks; otherwise no. They don't have the money for research and development. My biggest fear is that Intel will raise prices as their performance lead increases.
  2. A mod should just close this thread right now. Nothing good will come of this.
  3. AMD vs INTEL, the main point's is that AMD is cheaper with slower speed than INTEL while INTEL are much better but with more money,
    currently intel core i5 3750k is an excellent choice for gaming no amd cpu can beat the 3750k by performance wise. More money more performance.
  4. They already do.... if you look at IGP performance...

    While I agree that AMD does not have the R&D budget that they need, they may still surprise us someday with another top performer.
    Personally, I do not think they are totally in the wrong aiming themselves at the mid to low markets; it is where the vast majority of the sales are at.
    And while I am not advocating stopping the forward march of performance, any current CPU has enough power to keep 90%+ of users happy...
  5. SmartGeek said:
    Will AMD ever be able to outperform Intel not by prices but by performance?

    A few weeks ago, AMD officially announced that they were bailing out of the high-end desktop CPU segment so that is pretty much it for the AMD vs Intel face-offs.

    This is not too surprising considering that just about any current production CPU can handle the vast majority of mainstream applications perfectly fine apart for the 5% or so that make up the high-end enthusiast and budget professional crowds.

    Another reason is the explosive growth in tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices which are killing mainstream interest in desktop PCs and power-hungry parts.
  6. Amd will bring to bare the next evolution in computing or will go out of business trying.
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