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Howdy folks, I'm currently looking to upgrade my PSU for some incrimental upgrades to other components somewhere down the road. I'll do the background first. I have a pre-built (shame on me...yea yea, I'm lazy)
Dell 620 with an i5 2320, 8gb ram, currently running a 5670 ddr5 card and a handful of USB devices. My main upgrade will be a new gpu sooner than later. Something mid-range probably, so a 560/6870ish or something.

That being said, I was looking at the ole corsair builder series PSUs.

This is the most likely candidate right now:

The logic: It's a respected brand. Not a high end PSU obviously, I know, but I'm not looking to really build anything groundbreaking or power-hogging, since obviously I can't overclock the GPU.

My budget i around $60 for the PSU based on GPU prices for what I'm looking for.

Suggestions/Comments welcome.
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    A good quality 500W PSU is sufficient for your build. Those GPUs have very similar power requirements; a 500W PSU with at least 32A on the 12v rail and two 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors is sufficient for either GPU especially without OC. A great deal on a good PSU right now is the Lepa B550-SA for $35 aftr MIR:
    80+ Bronze certified, more amps on the 12V rail than the CX600. Plus for the Builder series is that it has 2 years more warranty and better voltage regulation/noise and ripple. It is more than sufficient for your PC. If you can bust your budget by $5-10, then I would highly recommend either the Antec Neo Eco 520: or the Seasonic M12II-520:
    They're both based on the same design by Seasonic; Johnnyguru review:
    I have the M12II-520 and run a more power-hungry HD6950 on it. Quiet, 5 yr warranty, rock solid rails, high quality power...and a great deal at that price.
  2. Exactly the sort of feedback I was looking for.
    I know I'd only need 500W or so for my "build", but the 600W was $2 more, so I was sort of at the "Eh, screw it" point.

    The Seasonic S12 II Bronze looks perfect actually. I think I can spare the additional $10. (lolbudgets)

    Thanks for the help.
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  4. Glad i could help - Budgets are only made so that they can be gleefully exceeded!
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