SLI Compatibility Question - GTX 460's

Thinking of trying an SLI setup for the first time with 2 GTX 460 1GB cards.

My question is, they discontinued the initial GTX 460 card I bought, so I'm trying to find the closest GTX 460 in specs I can. I think I've found one that will work, but I want to be sure of compatibility in SLI with my original card before I buy. Here are the comparisons:

Card 1 (Current Card) vs. Card 2 to SLI with Card 1

Core Clock: 763MHz vs 823MHz

Shader Clock: 1526MHz vs. 1646MHz

Effective Memory Clock: 3800MHz vs. 4008MHz

Stream Processors: 336 Cores vs. 336 Cores

Memory Size: 1GB vs. 1GB

Memory Interface: 256bit vs. 192bit

**The memory interface is really the only spec that worries me. As an SLI noob, I want to be sure that this discrepancy will not cause any problems or compatibility issues. Also, if any of you have any further information to share about the pairing of these two cards in SLI it would be GREATLY appreciated. As always, looking forward to the feedback!!
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  1. It probably won't work due to the memory interface difference.
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