CPU-Z says i7 3930k 6 cores / 6 threads??

Hi everyone.

I have just received a 'Cryo Tetrad' PC from cryopc.com. They came recommended, building stable systems with good customer service.

I opted for the 4.7Ghz boosted 3930k specifically as I wanted AS MANY threads available to 3ds Max as possible. My query is that both 3ds Max and CPU-Z recognize only 6 threads. Everywhere I have looked online shows the i7 3930k to have 12 (Two per core as all Sandybridge chips). For example my i7 2600k system has 4 cores and 8 threads available.

Anybody have any idea what may be going on?

Thanks in advance for reading and your help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I think they turned off Hyperthreading in the BIOS. Some OCers do that to as an attempt to increase clockrate.
  2. Ok. Thanks for the quick reply...

    Would you have any idea if this would affect performance?

    I should note that this is not a gaming PC, it is used to render images for up to three or four hours and so hyperthreading (I thought was important).

    I specifically stated to them I wanted the 3930k for the 12 available threads and of course can't get through to them today.
  3. Hello,

    Sounds like Hyperthreading is off. Have you poked around your BIOS to make sure it's not off?

    Also when you check your task manager under "Performance", does it show all 12 threads?
  4. Yes, it will impact performance. Your intended use is precisely the kind of scenario where hyperthreading is a benefit. I suggest going to the bios and turning it on. This might affect the max achievable clockspeed but hopefully not.
  5. Thanks Everyone.

    I have run some Performance Test benchmarks and it seems to be no faster than a standard 3930k @ 3.2GHz and only very marginally faster than my i7 2600k at 4.5GHz!

    I will have to wait for a response from the vendor as I don't want to mess around with the BIOS, especially with the 4.7GHz clock speed they have set. Why would they sell the idea of the ultimate in processing speed and then make it slower? Hoping there is a good explanation as this is not as fast as I was expecting :(
  6. Chainzsaw said:

    Sounds like Hyperthreading is off. Have you poked around your BIOS to make sure it's not off?

    Also when you check your task manager under "Performance", does it show all 12 threads?

    I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for but in task manager / performance, It shows 'CPU Usage', then 6 boxes next to it; 'CPU Usage History'.
  7. 6 boxes indicate your Hypthreading is turned off in BIOS. I would tell you exactly where to to look but I don't know which motherboard your using.
  8. The Mobo is a Gigabyte UD5
  9. I have found something in the documentation which actually states that there are two profiles set up on the system. One is a 4.6GHz with HT disabled, the other is 4.5GHz with HT enabled. This is the one I need for rendering images!!

    My only problem now is how to load these profiles. Is it done from the BIOS or within windows?

    I'm sorry if I'm asking silly questions, I'm a 3D artist, not a PC builder!

    Many thanks.
  10. Once you boot into the BIOS (press Del key) - click on M.I.T.

    Now find Advanced frequency setting \ Advanced CPU Core features.

    In the list you should see "Hyper-Threading Technology" Make sure its on Auto, if it's on Auto, try changing it to "On".

    I'm wondering if your HT is disabled due to your high clock - just be warned i'm not sure how your system will react with enabling Hyper Threading (might de OC your CPU, will probably give higher temperatures as well) - although it should work no problem.

    This is your exact motherboard right?: GA X79 UD5

  11. OK. If you want to load your profile go into your BIOS.

    Now click on the "save and exit" tab - and on the left hand side it will say "Load Profiles".

    You should be able to click on the one you want and then click on "save and exit setup".

    By the way the Link I sent you has your manual - it tells how to do everything.
  12. OK. Thanks for the help and yes, that is my motherboard! Followed your instructions and sorted it!

    3ds Max renders:

    1m 43s / 4.6GHz HT disabled
    1m 24s / 4.5GHz HT enabled.

    That is quite a significant difference when rendering images which take hours!

    Again, thanks, and I've learned from this to read instructions carefully before bothering people on forums! ;)
  13. Very nice. Glad you figured it out.

    No problem for the advice....this is what we're here for. And you weren't bothering anybody...we're here for this exact reason!

    I only gave the link for your motherboard/manual just in case you needed some visual help (sometimes it helps a lot to be able to actually see what another person is talking about)

    Some people may think changing a muffler on a car is easy...but to me it's almost like rocket sicence! LOL (exaggerating a little of course).
  14. Cool! On the temperature, just rendered an image with the processor at 100% for ten minutes and the highest recorded was 67%.
  15. Hi Guys. Just re-visiting this as I'm recording maximum temps (Real Temp GT) of 74degrees on some cores. Is this safe for prolonged periods?
  16. 74C on load? If that's on load that is quite good. As long as your not going over 74C your CPU will definitely have a long life.
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