Hi, I have an Inspiron 530 Vista HP OS and sometimes after it's been stood idle for an hour or so, it restarts itself and upon the restart a message pop-up appears saying ''windows has restarted from an unexpected error''. Is this something to do with the hardware or operating system? Thanks
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  1. This can be caused by numerous things, from temperature, to a badly behaving device driver.

    Start troubleshooting the system by checking your idle and load temps.

    Do you have any programs that run after a period of inactivity? Like a 3rd party screen saver?
  2. do a fresh install of OS.
  3. xtreme5 said:
    do a fresh install of OS.

    That's not called for yet. Why are you jumping the gun?
  4. Ok I'll attempt to check my temps and no I don't have any programmes that I know of that run after inactivity. Standard screen saver no downloaded ones. Cheers
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