Need help picking out a video card!

So I'm building my first build soon and am stuck between these two cards.



Is getting GDDR5 worth the extra money?

my power supply is fine to run both of these, just wondering if its worth the extra money. all help is appreciated since this is my first build. Thanks!

TL;DR: Is GDDR5 worth it?
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  1. They are very close, the 6670 is slightly faster and is one box above the 6570 in Tom's Card Hierarchy. That said, the 6570 is $15 cheaper and comes with a copy of dirt 3. I would go with the 6570 or jump up several steps, not just one for that difference.
  2. gddr5 is much faster!
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I've decided to get the ddr5 6670.
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