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PC Not Working At All

Hi all,

So I was building my new htpc today, everything seemed to go relatively smoothly. The only problems I ran into

was managing the psu cables well, and ended up mashing them into a drive bay :D . Anyway, once I plugged it

into the tv, nothing seemed to happen...literally nothing, as in when I hit the power button its completely silent :o

I checked the power switch/led light cables and the psu cables to see if they were all in. Everything seemed ok. I'm

starting to think the psu is busted??? I'm taking it into my local repair shop during the weekend to get it checked.

But before I do that I was hoping if the community could help me first? I have built pc's a few times before so I've

had experience before.
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    You can test the PSU for power, although that doesn't guarantee proper operation.

    We have you covered though, no need to haul it off to the shop. Just do every step in this list honestly:
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  3. Hi proximon,
    I went through the whole guide, I ended up discovering that the cpu had bent pins O.o....Exchanged it for a good one. It works great now, thanks!
  4. Glad it's all cleared up ;)
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