ATI Radeon HD 5570 + 4gb ram upgrade on a 250watt psu?

(wasnt really sure where to put this topic so i put it here...)
im planning on getting the HD 5570 for my hp pavilion p6823w along with one 4gb ddr3 stick of ram (from 4gb to 8gb), but i dont know if ill still be fine if i upgrade the ram to 8gb and install the 5570.

i know that i should be okay with just the 5570 and no other upgrades though because ive done quiet a bit of research and found these cards use low power and should do just fine on 250watts...

ive also done a little estimation on my computers power usage with the thermaltake psu wattage calculator ( ) and found that with just the 5570 id be at around maybe 218watts, and 232 with the 4gb stick.

here are some of my specs if you need them..

computer: hp pavilion p6823w
processor: amd phenom II x2 521 3.5ghz (i think this is actually just a rebranded phenom, and is basically a athlon II x2 275 3.5ghz)
ram: 4gb
video card: ati radeon hd 4200 integrated graphics card
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  1. I would not trust the PSU that comes with that HP they are not very good. With that video card you are most likely going to push that power supply both on wattage and amps. Do not take the chance if you are going to upgrade the Video Card invest in a good PSU also. Pushing that PSU to far could take the rest of your system with it.
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