Using old parts of computer to make new one.

I have having issues with my current computer I built.

Replaced everything on my MB so far but the processor, tower, mouse and keyboard and I still have issues with my USB ports on my Computer MB. All driver updates and what not...

On start up it will make a noise as if I just plugged in a device to USB port also the computer will lag and or the mouse will not work for 1-2 seconds.

SO.... New MB that will work with my current CPU" Socket 3 AMD".

Do not want to buy the same MB Crosshair IV and am willing to try out a new Manufacture possibly.

Reliability over gaming factor overclocking ability . Once I identify if it is the MB, I will make a second computer out of old parts either way.

MB thinking of... :D
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    Motherboards are very similar, I prefer GIGABYTE over Asus just cause I like the features it gives you (ON/OFF Charge, Easy Overclock etc), The MB is black so it will look good with what ever colors your picking for computer, and finally supports Overclocked RAM

    Hope this helps, dRyk
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