GeForce GTS 250 vs GT 430

Hello everyone!

For Christmas I bought my brother a Zotac GT 430 1 gb card. Today when I installed it for him I noticed a couple things on his old card and now I'm worried I've somehow downgraded his video! His old card was a GeForce GTS 250 1gb.

Looking around at things the impressions that I've gathered are that the 420 is a (relatively) newer card with support for DirectX 11. The 250 is slightly older and doesn't appear to support DirectX 11, but may have been a higher performance card.

Can this really be considered an upgrade?
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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo D:
  2. So I'm right then that it's actually a downgrade? What would have been a better way to go? Maybe I can get it exchanged tomorrow.
  3. A GTX550 and upward is an upgrade, anything below is a bit of a downgrade IMHO.
  4. GTS 250 faster than GT 430~
    but GT 430 support DX11
  5. Well the GTX 550 Ti just went on sale it looks like, so that problem is solved.

    Thanks everyone for the help. :)
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