Built a gaming computer, i think something is wrong...

Hi there. I recently had a computer built for me for gaming. I mostly play WoW and Skyrim. The graphics card i purchased was an Nvidia gtx 560 ti....which from what i'm told should be more than enough to handle those games on ultra settings. However, WoW seems to run at a constant 60 fps (i thought that'd be higher?) and during my 25 man raids when theres a lot going on, the fps will dip down into the 20's and slow down substantially...i didn't think i'd have that problem with the hardware i'm running. I tested it out with Futurmark 3dmark 11 and it scored very low on the standard benchmark testing, and ran at about 3-8 fps on the extreme benchmark setting. Also, the screen will randomly crash on me from time to time while surfing the web and return with a message saying "nvidia display driver has stopped responding and has recovered." It's getting really annoying. For all the money i spent on the parts to build this thing ($2100) i didn't really expect it to turn out this way. could my graphics card be junk or do you feel it could be something else? this is the first computer i've ever built, so i'm kinda new to this stuff...thanks!

my setup

intel quad core i7-2600 @3.4 ghz
nvidia gtx 560 ti (the one with two fans)
16gb RAM
750w Power supply
asus P67 deluxe motherboard
27" samsung LED back lit monitor (2ms)

all drivers are up to date to my knowledge...
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  1. It could be drivers issue try to download latest from nvidia site , Also You hav't mention which of brand gpu you have purchased.
  2. I downloaded the latest driver off nvidias website and the brand of the gpu is MSI GeForce gtx 560 ti with the twin fans...
  3. Make sure you put the GPU on the blue or white PCI-E slot, not the Black. Also make sure the 2 PCI-E connectors from the PSU are plugged to the GPU.
  4. Hey try disabling addons in World of Warcraft. I know for sure when I built my new computer, one of the addons was interfering, and how I found out later, when I opened it's LUA file, I found out it created useless loops ^^ :<
  5. What 750W PSU?
  6. acerace said:
    What 750W PSU?

    It's an antec high current gamer 750w
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