Intel HD 4000 not recognized on i5 3570K


At my new computer I would like to install the HD4000 graphic driver, but it says i dont have one.

I thought it was on i5 3570k cpu?

Now I use an old one: the 3870 (amd radeon, yes.... i am waiting for my 670GTX), but i want to use the onchip videogpu. Is it because it is in combination with the 3870?

My mobo is an msi z77gd65.

What am i doing wrong?
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  1. Do you have the monitor hooked up to the motherboard?
  2. nope, then there is no signal. Do ive to uninstall the 3870? Remove the card... and boot with only mobo video?
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    Yes! Reset BIOS if it does not display.
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