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Among the three , i want to know the best case for - cooling and temps and cable management and other important factors as well .

- Coolermaster elite 430
- Coolermaster elite 431 with side window panel
- Antec one hundred.

i think antec one hundred is the best among but help me choose among these cheap cases. all are priced same.

Specs -

phenom ii x6
2x Gtx 560 SLI
Corsair TX 850 V2 (Huge psu with lots of cables )
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  1. Hello pratmodi;

    I'd agree with you.
    If cable management is a priority for you Antec One Hundred is the best option.

    From Benchmark Reviews:

    Antec One Hundred Computer Case Review

    Cooler Master Elite 430 Case Review
  2. antec-
    pros - solid construction, two fans with speed controller, four front USB ports, decent amount of holes to run cables behind the mobo tray, large CPU cut out
    cons - break away pci-slot covers, PSU only goes in fan side up, thumb screws used for drives

    cooler master 431
    pros - front USB 3.0 port, three total front USB ports, PSU can be mounted fan side up or down, tool less drive system, HDD hot swap
    cons - break away pci-slot covers, just one fan, bottom fan has no filter, smaller CPU cut out hole then the antec

    the 431 is an updated case of the 430 so no need to consider the 430.

    of the three I would go with the antec. it has more fans, sturdier side panel and two inches taller then the CM (although its 1/2" longer)
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