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Front case fan not working

I've had this case for a while: PowerUp! G54-40840 XL Mid-Tower ATX

While I'm able to get the back case fan and the two side case fans to work properly, as of yet I've been unable to get the front intake fan to work. This is bad, because all of my other fans blow outwards, meaning I have negative airflow through the case and next to no proper cooling. The other fans plug into their normal places on the motherboard, but I only have pins for 3 case fans and a CPU fan. The intake fan uses a female molex connector that I just plug into one of my molexes from the PSU, but it's never worked. I don't believe the molex connector is defective, so maybe it's the fan?

Any ideas?
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    I always keep some spare cables around the house like this

    Just for testing. Fish around Ebay or Newegg and pick up $20 of various cables for testing. A $10 multimeter would tell you if that PSU molex were active. It likely is and you have a bad fan.

    Here is a nice quiet Scythe 120mm Slipstream that will fit your case. Comes with an adapter so you can plug it in anywhere you want.
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  3. That really sucks considering I paid a good 50 bucks for that case and the front fan doesn't even work. Figures.

    Thanks for your time, though.
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