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Hey everyone, Quick question I am in the middle of purchasing a standard stereo headset from plantronics for light gaming and ventrillo. I hear there is a usb adapter that makes turns stereo into a simulated 5.1 digital experience. I wanted to know if any of you guys and gals can chime in on this product. 1 have you heard of such a thing and 2 are they as advertised (if you have any expirience with it). I seen some on amazon that claim to work, but I want input form the proffesionals xD. If you can, post a link on the products that you feel are the best for what im looking for. Thanks for the help wonderful people at Tom's Hardware.
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  1. That little blue adapter? Naaaa...wouldn't even bother trying it.

    I would buy that if my audio jacks are broken...

    If you want simulated 5.1 surround with headsets, try the Xonar DG (google it to find stores that sell it). It's a sound card that support dolby headphone, and dolby headphone is a simulated 5.1 surround. Here's a video showing it's ability to process the sound into virtual surround:

    Pretty damn good IMO.
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