Does PSU need to be "modular" for Coolermaster 960 II Advamced?


I´m planning a new system using the Coolermaster 690 II Advanced and still have to select the PSU.

I´ve read that "Modular" PSUs offer the (apparently only) advantage of using only those cables that are really needed and thus guaranteeing a better airflow (I might do some OC in the future).

I still have to choose my PSU and wonder if "Modular" or "Modular" is an important criterion here as the Coolermaster 690 II Advanced seems to offer good cable management.

FYI I´ll be using a z68 chipset, an i7 2600k, a cooler (probably  Scythe Ninja 3 one graphics card, one card reader, one dvd drivea and up to 3 hard drives.)

Is it right to assume that all the cables cramped into that tiny space between "behind the motherboard" and the exterior wall do NOT influence airflow?

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  1. modular psu's can make it easier for cable management, but they are by no means an essential purchase, I manage quite well with non-modular psu's as do a lot of modders/builders
    and yes, the cables behind the tray don't affect any flow,
    its the main area you worry about keeping clear of loose cables
  2. To my mind, "modular" is a non issue, unless you are using a small form factor case.

    A properly sized psu will have you using most of the leads anyway.

    It is much more important to select a quality psu.

    My short list would include Seasonic, XFX, PC P&C, Corsair, and Antec.
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