Best case to fit a Corsair Hydro H80 or H100?

Hey guys, I'm looking for a full-size case that can fit either of those liquid coolers comfortably. I am looking for a roomy, preferably full-size tower, that offers great cable managements, possible a side-window, can fit 10.5" graphics cards, and doesn't come off as being too "industrial" in appearance.
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  1. full size, full tower?

    its not a full tower, but i would suggest the cooler master 690 II advanced (120$)
    its an ATX case with support for a dual 120mm radiator (on the top or bottom) along with another 4 system fans, and im so far pleased with the cable management, and it easily fits my 11.5" HD 6870
  2. I have heard about that one. In terms of mid-size towers, how does that case compare to the Lian Li Dragon?
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