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Need New GPU Budget $550.00

Need advise

Have a i7 2600 processor and ASUS Pro motorboard Z 68

Corsair 750 power supply

Had a EVGA 560 ( not Ti )

Want to game at ulra settings for Dirt 3 and Need for Speed, Some Battlefield 3

Output currently to 50 Plasma 1080 dpi.

Goal is to go to 3 screens maybe 27" at 1900.

Shop at new egg

Possible buys Radeon 6970 for 299.00 this week and another in 1 month for SLI ( Do I need it if I output to Plasma?)

GTX 580 not sure about memory 1.5 or 3 ?
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  1. after some quick research i found that the radeon 7970 is to be released for sale on newegg 9.Jan 2012. at a 550$ price-tag.
  2. If you can wait and the new one might have bugs in them. But if everybody goes to get the new cards the old ones might drop in price. Maybe get a 590 which is duel core for around $500 But it might be worth the wait just to see at this point. Anyway I wish you good luck
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    Get the 7970 which is going to be released in january. It will cost $550.
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