Decent mid-cost tri/quad core phenom for AM2+

Hey all, I'm looking to upgrade my processor.

I've got an Athlon x2 7550 2.5GHz dual core, with a Biostar GF8100 M2+ SE
I've seen the support list & it supports up to Phenom II X4 CPUs.

I'm sort of looking for a performance per pound CPU that will get decent performance in games like Dota 2, BF3, Crysis 2 etc.

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  1. Newegg has the 95w 3.2 phenom II four core for only $99.99 with free shipping. You might even be able to use your old heatsink if you don't overclock.
  2. I live in the UK so newegg isn't really available to me
  3. Dabs, scan, ebuyer, theres plenty of uk sites, the X4 965be is about £75 at the moment so I'd grab one of those if you can,
    *Edit, not applicable, its a 125w chip and your mobo only supports 95w chips
  4. Moto, none of those sites sell any AM2+ CPUs...
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