Bios acer aspire e380

I am trying to get into the bios of my computer and for some reason I am not able I press f2 key and get into a dos window but see no bios menu how do I get there all I want to do is enable a sata port.

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  1. Well, what you are likely seeing is the BIOS. As far as I know, you can't enable SATA ports, as they are already enabled. There should be no options to enable that or not.
  2. Thanks for your reply I figured it out and yes you are right there is no option for sata port enabling and for all of you who are wondeering how I got there well I read the lower left hand sid of the monitor (on start up before the windows logo appeared) and pressed the delete key then I entered tie bios I saw that the drive I was wanting to clone was there and was sooo happy so I cloned it and everything works just fine.
    Thanks Peells
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