Build Problem !!!HELP!!!

Hello everyone

I am finally done with my build

I have a big problem though

Every time i turn it on to proceed with the bios
it turns back off.

It goes on shows the bios screen and turns back off.

When i press DEL to check bios nothing happens and it turns off
and on and back off on its own.

Does anyone know what this might be?
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  1. Since you don't mention your full specs, I'll just suggest using only one RAM stick and seeing if it posts.
  2. Specs

    Motherboard:Gigabyte G1 Sniper2

    CPU: i7 3770 Ivy Bridge

    Memory: 4x8 vengeance memory

    Power Supply: 1000 W

    Video Card: Asus TX 590

    When i turn on the computer all the fans spin fine
    while the bios screen its showing.

    Then all shuts down and restarts again in continuation
  3. Definitely check all your connections and try the single RAM stick out. Does your motherboard beep at all?
  4. no it does not beep
  5. actually when i turn it on it shows the bios then it turns off and back on and stays on without displaying anything on the screen
  6. That's a really high wattage PSU for your system but did you make sure to connect the power supply to the graphics card?
  7. yes i did that

    and im sorry it turns on and off in continuation
  8. Can you remove the graphics card and try to boot up the computer using the integrated graphics?
  9. ok so leave one ram stick in and remove grphics card?

    BTW everyting runs when i turn it on it just shuts back off after being on bios for a few seconds.

    Then it keeps doing this not letting me into the bios only showing bios screen with the gigabyte logo
  10. Hey thanks for trying to help me out enigma.
    I have already figured out what the issue was and got it fixed.
    I will be doing a post on it since this might be a problem for a lot of people.
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