Overheating I5 2500k

I've read alot of posts, on here trying to do research, over the past few months and I am at wit's end. This is the 2nd computer I've built. I never had any issues with the first one.
I built this rig for BF3 in December of 2011.

CPU: I5 2500k (stock cooler & stock speed)
RAM: 16gb Corsair Vengeance
Mobo: Asus P8P67 Deluxe
PSU: Corsair T850W
GPU: single XFX HD 6970
CASE: Corsair 600T (2x 200mm fans, 1 x 120mm fan)
HDD: WD black series
Monitor: 3 x 23" VH236H Asus monitors.

Initial Temps:
Idle: 34-38C
Gaming: BF2 60C, BF3 90C (highest game settings)

Reset stock cpu cooler (3-times):
Idle: 35-40C
Gaming: BF2 60C, BF3 95C (highest game settings)

Turned off Bios "Auto overclocking" feature
Idle: 35-40C
Gaming: BF2 60C, BF3 80C (BF3 @ low game settings)

Then, suddenly temps have risen again.
Idle 38-45C
Gaming: BF2 75C, BF3 90C (BF3 @ low game settings)

Opening the case gave me up to 5C cooler operating temps. I've cleaned the dust filters, checked everything out and it's all clean in there.

I average about 10 hours a day for gaming (sometimes I play as long as 30 hours in one stretch.

Why is my computer running so hot? Please help....

"burning up"

I installed the coolermaster Hyper 212 plus, cpu cooler last night. Are the stock Intel cpu coolers THAT BAD?!

Idle temps jump around: 27-35C
Gaming: BF2 55-60C, BF3 70C (low settings)
But one core consistently runs hotter by 5-10C
Maybe I didn't seat the cooler properly. I'll try re-seating.
When running multiple apps (webcasting gaming, BF2, and browser open), I'm still running at 80C for BF2 @ 100% CPU useage.

I have turned on the "auto overlocking" bios program to see what kind of temps I get.
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  1. Those are high temps for a chip that has max Tcase in the 70's. If not overclocked and stock cooler properly attached and clean I would RMA it. Check your Vcore though it might be to high. (I would RMA anyway after running that hot for a while)
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    Yeah, something isn't right. If you want to go to the trouble, connect everything up outside the case in open air. If the temps are still way up there, I would agree with RMAing the processor.
    One other thing, check that the HS/F's 4 black feet are sitting flush and tight to the board. Sometimes the push-pins don't work as intended and the feet 'float' up off the board. That would mean the contact between CPU and HS/F is poor.
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    nThanks guys. Sorry I had to pick 1, best answer. I think both were right on.
    n1) During the removal of the stock cpu, I did find that one of the cpu fan pins had popped out. That might explain why my temps rose - recently.
    n2) Temps did go down when I installed the coolermaster Hyper 212 plus cpu cooler (1 fan). When I play BF3 @ low settings, the temp hovers @ 70C now. Yes, I do get lower temps when I open my case (by 5C). So I added the mesh side (instead of the window) to increase airflow.
    nstill, the temps are high enough that I don't think I can overclock - do you agree? I think I will rma the chip, get ram with shorter height to accommodate a wider variety of cpu coolers.
    nFor now, I have turned on the "auto overclocking" feature of the bios to see what temps I get.
  4. Is BF3 maxing out one or more cores? It's not unusual for one core to run hotter than the others. The work load is never spread evenly across all cores. Try a short run of Prime95. Watch the temps with Core Temp* ( ) while it's running. If it goes near/above the TMax, shut down Prime95. No sense cooking the CPU. My temps with my i5-2500k @ stock and 212 EVO run about 68-71 at 100% load in a well ventilated HAF 912 case.

    * (download the stand-alone pgm in "more downloads". The other program will install bloatware automatically. I had a heck of a time getting rid of Yahoo Toolbar in FF)
  5. I solved the problem. Got a Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus cpu cooler. Am now overclocking to 4.5Ghz and all temps are in-line. Must have received a bad, stock cpu cooler.

    *re: CoreTemp.....I already had it installed. That's how I was getting the temp readings. Was wondering where that yahoo toolbar came from and why my Google search function was being hijacked to another search engine. Took me hours to get rid of that thing.

    Thanks to everyone for their responses.

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