System (ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3) does not complete POST

I recently assembled a system from the parts listed here:

Today I fired it up and all did not go well. Motherboard is ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3. When I apply power, I get:

1 long then 4 short beeps => Which translates to Hardware component failure.

I disconnected the Graphics Adapter and then 1 long and 3 short => No VGA detected was added to the boot up sound effects.

I pulled all of the memory and got the 1 long 2 short (repeated) that indicated no memory detected. I installed each of the sticks and started again, did not get that warning for any, so I assume all the memory is good. Reinstalled memory.

I disconnected the HDD and SSD, the only difference is the motherboard LED shows A0 (IDE initialization is started) rather than A2 (IDE detected) when the 1L4S is sounded.

Since the MB is displaying various LEDs during startup as well as (quickly) displaying various 2-character combinations during the boot process, I am assuming the MB is OK, although I guess it could have a partial failure.

That seems to leave the CPU as the problem component. I will remove it and see if a local shop can test it for me.

The ASUS troubleshooting site : did not provide much help, although this phrase "Clean the Golden Finger of memory" provided a good laugh.

It turns out that the case cutout under the motherboard does not align with all 4 heat sink screws, so I will have to pull the motherboard to remove the head sink and CPU. Is this normally the case?

Anyone have any other suggestions on what I should do?

UPDATE: I unplugged and reseated everything and the system completed POST and is loading OS. I will keep this thread open for a few days and report if any other problems arise. Still curious about how the opening in the case under the MB is supposed to align with the CPY fan screws.
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    I've built maybe a dozen Asus based boxes and I've been more or less where you are now more than once. Ouch.

    Are any of the LED's remaining illuminated? There is one directly associated with the CPU I believe. Do you have any video display? Do you see the Asus logo? Post? Can you access BIOS? The characters you mention are interesting, what are they and how long are they visible?

    Based on what you've said the CPU is certainly a likely culprit.

    Otherwise I'm not surprised that you'll have to remove the MB to get the CPU off. That's pretty much par for the course.

    Good luck.
  2. After re-seating everything, I got a good boot and am now loading software.

    This motherboard has a 2-character 7-segment display that displays what is going on with the machine as it boots and runs. It is called the Q-code LED.

    There are several other POST-related LEDs on the motherboard that will light steadily if an error is found: DRAM, CPU, VGA, BOOT_DEVICE

    The hardware error turned out to be the CPU fan is running too slowly for the bios - the default speed where it complained.. Since the CPU temp is 26 degrees C, I am not concerned about the slow speed.
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