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I'm working on a research project involving a large economic model that is solved using numerical optimization algorithms. I need to get a desktop computer to run this model. The important parts of the system will be the number of processor cores (for running the algorithm in parallel) and memory (for loading the model).

I wanted to get thoughts on the best system (with limited budget) to go with. I was thinking of going with an AMD FX-8150 because of the eight cores, but my understanding that this would limit me to a max of 32GB memory, is this correct? I would prefer to go with 64GB of ram, would this best be accomplished with an Intel i7 processor? With the i7 am I limited to 6 cores? Thanks.
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  1. Incorrect, amount of RAM is determined by the motherboard's capacity. Check the spec sheet on the motherboard's page, if you buy 64 GB it may come in 16x16x16x16Gb so get a motherboard that supports quad-channel RAM.
  2. Okay, I thought AMD's current chipset only supports dual channel. Do you know of any AM3+ motherboards that support more than 32GB of memory?
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