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Okay, bit of an interesting quirk. I have a custom build computer, the built in sound card had some feedback issues on the speaks. From what I gathered, this can be typical of on-board sound cards, so thinking I was clever, I installed the SoundBlaster Live! card from my old Dell 8200 in it, installed these drivers which were supposed to work with the antiquated card on Windows 7. Boot it up, no change in the feedback, AND I now have no sound coming from either the SB Live card or the motherboard on-board. Racking my brain on this, I've uninstalled the KX drivers, and still no go on the sound from the on-board ports. When I use the test feature it shows sound is playing but nothing is coming out of the speakers but that dastardly fan noises I was attempting to get rid of by installing the SB Live in the first place.

Any thoughts?

System Config:

-Phenom II 975 Black Edition
-Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5
-16GB Corsair Vengence (2x8GB)
-Zotac 550 Ti Amp! Edition (NVIDIA)
-750 Watt power supply
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  1. Update: I was able to get the sound back by pulling the SB Live! and rebooting. Now, any ideas why the SB Live! wouldn't work? lol.
  2. NVM. I should have learned by now, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. The speakers were just crappy. Invested in a 25 dollar set from Walmart and no problem.
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