Thread watch is not working

Hi, the thread watch feature is no longer working for me I think. I saw 2 threads I answered was updated but it is not showing up in the top right notification box.

Since I can not keep track of this thread, it will be nice if you can send me a private message. Although I am not sure if private message works

Please fix it, thank you.
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  1. If you go to the main site under the forum and click "My Threads" you should be able to see the full list, if they aren't showing up for you under "See All" in the small profile box.
  2. Well, there is an issue with losing flags, but that I think is connected to the number of active posts. You get too many posts and they eventually start disappearing from your list.
  3. Ok, I am going to use try the my thread method, but it is really annoying without the updates on notification box, which I prefer.
  4. Well, that isn't right.
  5. Ok, the notification box is working again. I got your reply showing up on the box again Proximon. That didn't work on my last post, which was only a few minutes ago. I have to manually find the thread back then. Anyway, I am happy as it is now. A really strange bug, works again after I click my thread and see all of my post.
  6. Testing for Pyree!
  7. Working again, thanks area51reopened
  8. No problem glad to help!
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