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Need help with 5850

Here are my specs:

XFX 5850
AMD Phenom II x4 (955)
GA-890FXA-UD5 Gigabyte MB
4GB ram
Corsair 750w
Windows 7 on 80gb intel SSD sata II
1tb samsung

Last night i started to play Skyrim, after about 14 hours of play everything froze - the game, windows, everything. Couldn't alt/cntl/delete either. When i rebooted my PC i experience some awful pixelation and could not do anything, i was stuck on the windows login screen. I eventually can login (although i cannot see the characters being typed). My screen turns black and eventually it BSOD's.

I rebooted into safemode, deleted my 5850 drivers and installed the new drivers. I rebooted and i had the same problem. The card isn't "artifacting properly" according to XFX support.

I am now faced with either sending the card in for an RMA (2-3 weeks) or continue troubleshooting. So here i am asking all you experts for your opinion. I'd rather spend my christmas vacation playing skyrim than working because i do not have a computer.

Thank you,
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    I would double check that your PSU isn't the issue. If you have another one available (borrow from a buddy if you have that option) I would try that. Other than that you might have a GPU issue. The other thing is to try a different GPU in the system (again if you can borrow one from a buddy would be best).
  2. Run a video card stress testing software ie furmark, occt, and see even you get artifact during the test. If so its time for RMA!!!!
  3. Redeemer, it sounds like its artifacting in windows. He doesn't need to stress it. You can try the different PSU idea, but it does sound like the 5850 died. If they are willing to RMA it, do so.
  4. Yes, they just gave me an RMA number, and i plan on doing that. I have an old video card from my 2006 dell, i guess i could try
  5. I cannot swap out PSUs, but i can try that old dell card. I have been using this card for about a year and half with adequate cooling, but im pretty this summers heat wave did something to it, its been a lot slower since then, LOL.
  6. Put in my old 8600GT and everything booted up just fine. updating my drivers now and maybe i can play skyrim on low while my 5850 is being repaired. Too bad my board isn't SLI capable, i could use my brothers 8600GT too and SLI those, which could probably get me medium settings on skyrim. Oh well. thanks for the responses.
  7. Glad that your able to RMA the 5850 (it's a good card). Let us know how it all works out for you, so we can take this information and understand more :)
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