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I want to be able to connect 6 monitors in a row to get a very wide display. Each monitor displays 1/6 of the same image/movie/desktop/whatever.
Actually I need 7 display outputs, 6 of which are configured as a panoramic view.
The 7th monitor will function like a control monitor and will show a preview of the output on the 6 monitors united display.
Just to make more sense of the project, I'm going to connect a PC to 6 projectors that will show pictures, presentations and movie clips on a very large (wide) wall.

At first I thought about using HD 5870 (Eyefinity 6 Edition) but I found out it can only be configured as following:

My second idea was to use 2x HD 6770 (Flex Edition) but I couldn't find any information for will it work or not, nor did I found anyone who did it before.

Another thought was to use 3 simple graphic cards of any kind that can produce 3 monitors display or 4 even more simple graphic cards that can produce 2 monitors display, with the right mobo of course.

What is the difference between installing 4 graphic cards with 2 connectors or 2 graphic cards with 4 connectors or 3 with 3?
Does the display driver handle them differently?
Does anyone know if any of it will work?

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  1. 2 6670's should work. Each can do eyefinity so you should be able to pull 6 monitors. Im not %100 sure whether you can go 6 in a panoramic view but you should be able to do 6.
  2. I don't believe eyefinity will support 6x1 with no standalone monitor because you will have no central screen. You could try linking to cards via crossfire, but all of your cables need to be run from the master card, even with the twin card configuration I dont believe it will allow for 6x1 panoramic. I think the best your looking at is 5x1+1
  3. At work, I have a 2x4 matrix of 24 inches 1080p monitors for a grand total of 8.

    I have an application running on 2x3 array with real-time data, one using the top right monitor and I keep the bottom right for "service".

    I use 2 quad outputs NVIDIA Quadro NVS video cards because they were available at Dell and it's our "preferred partner" for IT needs.

    For the stands, I use Ergotron stands. In that case, I use 2 quad desk stands.

    ergotron stands

    For the software, I sometimes uses shareware or ultramon depending on the need, but Windows manages it pretty well.

    In fact, we have just replaced 8 screens with 5 55 or 60 inches monitors ( can't remember ) in portrait mode with wall mounts. It works with the current rig and makes a great video wall for a control room. They were quite expensive, but you have to pay for very thin bezel. They were like 5 or 10k each depending on the resolution / model / outdoor rating, life span, etc and I don't remember which one was picked by the project manager.

    Hope this helps
  4. The bezel or the stands are not important because my monitors are 6 projectors that need to show a frame that will cover a very big (wide) wall.
    The 7th monitor will be in the control room.

    How about using 4 simple graphic cards like HD 5450 not configured in crossfire (with the right mobo of course, like: GA-990FXA-D3).
    Will I be able to configure it as 1x6+1?
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