In my search for mobo & CPU: i5 2500 and ASUS P8P67 PRO, should I get?

Hello Tom's Hardware Community,

I have the opportunity to get a second hand i5 2500 and ASUS P8P67 PRO mobo for a whopping total of $234 dollars. Its looking like a half decent offer, though Ive seen better (though few and far between).

I have put myself on a strict budget of $200 to get myself a new CPU and motherboard because the OEM system I have is really starting to show its age. I am willing to flex no more than $250 said and done (CA sales tax, S&H, etc.), but I really am shooting for $200.

This looked like the most promising of offers I could find of that caliber.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a CPU and motherboard combo?

I'm looking for a system where I can crossfire my HD 6850's which are currently in two separate systems being bottle necked by crummy ram and CPUs. I would like to do some overclocking (for the novelty of it) if possible, but I'm fine with not.

Intel has shown itself to be the way to go but I'm open to anything in my budget range. I am looking to get the most bang for my buck though! I really don't need to have exclusively next generation components, e.g. I'm fine with sandy bridge over ivy bridge... Since the release ivy bridge, its like all of sandy bridge is on a discount ;) (except on NewEgg ive noticed! Jeeze!)

I should note that I am a bargain shopper and I am not really interested in buying off of newegg, though I use them for referencing all the time. Im a craigslist and ebay combing type of guy.

Im mostly looking for recommendations, not specific budget builds. But any help is appreciated.

Many thanks!
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  1. Pardon me for not linking to the components:

    Here are their newegg pages.

    i5 2500:

    ASUS P8P67 PRO:
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    You won't be able to OC the i5 2500, it's a non K model it has locked multiplier. Though you can overclock it raising the base clock, but it's not guaranteed and you won't get to the same levels of i5 2500K.

    Won't differ too much for the CPU if it's a second hand or not assuming it's in a good condition and you buy it from top rated seller.

    The mobo is just great.
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